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you may contact us by emailing: goats@parhamfarms.com

We are near Selmer, TN. Please make sure that you know where that is and understand that
transportation is your responsibility.

If you'd like to see candid baby goat photos and follow along as the kiddings happen
you are welcome to follow our farm page on facebook (link below).

Miniature Lamanchas

1st generation, TMGR registered Miniature Lamancha kids born 3/6/2015
79.69%LM with gopher ears. $250 ea, two doe kids available, buck kid is sold.
These kids will be mid-sized, 24-28" at the withers at maturity
Dam has a wonderful second freshening udder
sire: Agape Oaks BS Midnight Dance
dam: Parham Farms OM Adele
ss: *B Latte Da Black Star (Standard LaMancha)
sd: Agape Oaks DS Dancin'Diane 4*M (Standard LaMancha)
ds: Proverbs 27 Oatmeal Cookie *B (1st generation Mini LaMancha)
dd: Agape Oaks LOX Seraphina (Standard LaMancha)

Parham Farms MD Florence
Parham Farms MD Florence 3 days old Parham Farms MD Florence 3 days old
Parham Farms MD Florence 3 days old

Parham Farms MD Ingrid
Parham Farms MD Ingrid 3 days old

Two Nigerian Dwarf Herdsires available
NO females available at this time

one outstanding young buck out of:
Agape Oaks CK Pizzazz *M and Agape Oaks FC Gift of Grace *B
Red with moon spots, born 4/12/14, Parham Farms Copperhead Road
His half sister, Pizzazz's 2010 daughter, GCH Agape Oaks GHIR Tiramisu 2*M,
competed at 2010 ADGA Nationals, placing 3rd in her division. In 2012, as a
first freshener, Tiramisu earned her Champion title, and placed 8th at ADGA
Nationals. Tiramisu's 2012 LA Score was VEVV 88, an excellent score for a first
As a 7 year old, Pizzazz's udder is nicer than it ever was, her attachments
are holding up high and tight and she has more capacity than ever and it's
still butter soft. She is an excellent mother and has so a wonderful, easy going
Personality. Pizzazz and her buddy Hope have truly spoiled me in the temperament
Parham Farms Copperhead Road'- 2-weeks old old
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ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Adult Herdsire $350

Parham Farms DM Owl Moon "Hootie"

Please Select One Below
Parham Farms DM Owl Moon 'Hootie' Parham Farms DM Owl Moon 'Hootie'- 5 months old
Parham Farms DM Owl Moon 'Hootie' Parham Farms DM Owl Moon 'Hootie'
born 4/17/12
the COI on Hootie is 11.12% at 6 generations
line breeding on Agape Oaks Amazing Grace 2*M *D 'VG' ADGA Top Ten producer-2008
Lost Valley Cherokee *S,with a little extra Flat Rock Firecracker +S +B
thrown in for good measure ;)
sire: Parham Farms GG Desert Moon *S
dam: Parham Farms DT Renata Cacao
ss: Agape Oaks FC Gift of Grace *S
sd: Agape Oaks CK Pizzazz *M *D AR
ds: Agape Oaks GHIR Dark Truffle *S
dd: Agape Oaks CK Hope 3*M 2*D AR
sss: Flat Rocks Firecracker +S +B
ssd: Agape Oaks Amazing Grace 2*M *D AR
sds: Lost Valley KW Cherokee *S
sdd: Agape Oaks Sparkler
dss: TX Twin Creeks PKM Ghiradelli *S
dsd: Agape Oaks Burn Ban 2*M *D AR
dds: Lost Valley KW Cherokee *S
ddd: Agape Oaks Amazing Grace 2*M *D AR
both of Desert Moon's sons have his excellent stature and wonderful rear end
Hootie has the image of an owl embossed in white on his left side while
in full coat. I haven't clipped him, yet to see if the owl is the same when clipped.
While Hootie is a combination of 4 animals that we currently own and can't imagine
ever selling, he is such well put together buck that we have used him as a herdsire too.
Hootie is a wonderful dairy buck, slightly uphill topline with a WIDE rear end. He stands
on strong straight feet and legs, and has that "look at me" attitude that makes him stand out.

His dam, Renata, was a long dairy doe, wide through the hips with a wonderful high and tightly socked on
udder. Nice udders run in that line, his dam's dam had the #2 udder at 2010 ADGA nationals, but what
I really liked most about Renata was her wonderful square rear leg set. What I didn't like about Renata
was the way she would hyper extend when standing on the milkstand, usually standing with her left rear leg
extremely far outward and back, she only stood this way on the milkstand. I use a machine to milk and I
always felt like she was stretching herself out to accomodate the lines and inflations, or perhaps
she was uncomfortable with them. I could push her forward, but she would push those legs back every
time, and that could not be good for her back. I sold Renata a good friend who dam raises and handmilks.

Renata's 2yr old udder Renata wide and square rear end
above is dam's udder feeding 1 kid
Pizzazz 2014 - 7 years old Agape Oaks CK Hope 7 year old udder
Grandams' udders at 7 years old aboveAgape Oaks CK Pizzazz ont he left and Agape Oaks CK Hope (was uneven this year) on the right.

Sales Policy

We are located near Selmer, TN in McNairy County. Arrangements for transport
are the buyers responsibility. We will ship out of Memphis International,
buyer makes arrangements, pays for shipping, kennel and health certificate.

Regarding Sales: We reserve the right to refuse to sell our goats to
anyone for any reason. We aren't in the business of breeding goats for
profit and as such have a limited number of kids available.

We apologize in advance if our policies seem overly strict. These policies
exist because of prior experiences with persons who did not honor their
commitments, placing us in an awkward situation.

About Deposits:

a 50% deposit is required for us to hold any animal

Arrangements should be made as soon as possible for the pick up of any non-nursing
animals. Your deposit holds your animal here for 2 weeks unless
you have contacted us and made prior arrangments for a longer stay. If the animal
you have placed a deposit on stays here beyond 2 weeks, a $5 per day boarding fee will
be charged against your deposit. We will do our best to work with you, but after 4 weeks,
you forfeit the deposit and the animal will be relisted for sale.
Nursing kids are expected to stay on the farm until they can be weaned, which
is typically at 8 weeks. Kids need to be picked up by 10 weeks of age unless
prior arrangments exist to avoid a boarding fee of $5 per day beyond 10 weeks of age.

About Reservations (on unborn kids):

Reservations are $50 for each kid our of each reserved breeding
Reservations can be made by PayPal via the PLANNED BREEDINGS page.
We will accept checks in the mail, but the reservation will not be
booked until the check is received. If someone else books your
desired reservation before the check is received, you will be contacted
and the check will not be deposited but will be be voided and returned to you.

We will do our best to fill your reservation, but reserve the right to
retain any kid for our own breeding program, however we will make every
effort to satisfy reservations. Once kids are born from a reserved breeding,
we will contact those holding reservations to advise if a refund will
be issued (in the case of an unfilled reservation) or if the reserved
kid was born and a choice needs to be made (which kid) and a deposit sent.

A 50% deposit must be made within 2 weeks of birth, the reservation fee
will be applied towards the deposit. If the 50% deposit is not made by the time the
kid is two weeks old, the reservation fee is forfeited, there will be no refund, and
the kid will be offered to the next interested buyer or listed as available on the website.

The balance due must be received before the kid can be picked up. If you wait
to pay the day of pick up, you must bring cash. If you want to pay by check,
please mail the check early enough to allow 7 banking days before pickup is scheduled.

Kids must be picked up by 10 weeks of age; anything over 10 weeks will incur a $5 a day
boarding fee unless prior arrangements exist.

Should there be no kid to fill your reservation, or we feel that the kid
born is not acceptable, your money will be refunded. If we chose to terminate the sale
at any time or for any reason, all monies you have paid will be refunded. Reservation
fees and Deposits are not refunded on buyer canceled orders.

Any prices listed on the breeding page are for unborn reserved kids only.
Pricing on unreserved kids is subject to change, at our discretion, either up or


Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale in West Tennessee
Miniature LaMancha (Minimancha) goats for sale in West Tennessee

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